Tulika Books


Pallavan and Tulika Books invite you to visit us at the Pallavan Book Club- a one stop shop for children’s books. Pallavan has the sole distribution rights to Tulika, an independent publishing house producing quality books for children. Their focus is to revive traditional Indian stories and give children images of India as they grow up.

The simple joys of reading from a book have become lost in this fast moving world of technology. Sourcing and finding appropriate books for children has become a difficult task. Pallavan attempts to do just that for schools and individuals and we are happy to offer a special discount of 25 percent on library packages that have been specially made for schools. For individual books, we offer a discount of 10 per cent.

For your information we organise book readings too. This is a morning of fun where we conduct participative activities related to the books we read. Our previous book readings have been a grand success. We will have our next book reading in April and will keep you informed about the date. Please pass on the information to your children and they are most welcome to attend.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Download Tulika Catalogue 2014