Pallavan Consultancy and Training Programme

Pallavan now has many years of experience in preschool education. It is backed by promoters who have been in the field of Early Childhood Education for over 30 years. We use this experience and expertise to provide consultancy for preschools right from architectural inputs to financial and budgeting advice to support in running of a new preschool and of course training of the teachers. We also conduct teacher training and parent workshops that are tailor made for any organisation.

Our training and consultancy covers both the smaller towns and large urban areas, nationally and internationally. Our simple and effective methods work in every setting. The workshops are aimed at teachers who work with preschool and kindergarten children. Music and movement, storytelling, teaching through art, path to math, back to nature, teaching learning materials, handling behaviour problems, communications are just some of the workshops we have conducted in the past.

Some of our clients have been:

- Armed Forces Preschool Project, Thimpu, Bhutan
- Hari Singh Public School, Rewari.
- Pallavan Preschool, Ludhiana
- The Little Company, Mumbai and Gurgaon
- Happy Feet Preschool, New Delhi

We offer the following services:

1. Consultancy in setting up preschools right from the inception to support for 2/3 years after launch.
2. Training programme for the staff which can be designed to suit your needs.
3. Revamping the curriculum and the systems in the school.
4. Ongoing teacher training.
5. Parenting workshops.