Project - Bhutan

The Armed Forces Pre-school logo depicts the endless knot of learning supported by the lotus, spreading knowledge to all who come here. The green flags represent the awareness of the environment and a desire to preserve the national heritage of Bhutan.

As part of His Majesty’s welfare programme for the armed forces, it was decided that pre-schools for the children of the personnel serving in the Armed Forces would be established in Bhutan. The Armed Forces School Project, in Bhutan is currently engaged in setting up preschools for His Majesty The King of Bhutan. The aim is to educate the children of the Army, the Police and the Bodyguards.

In 2011 Pallavan was given the mandate to create a document for the Armed Forces Pre-schools which would serve as a guideline for all their preschools. The agreement between Pallavan and The Armed Forces Project (AFSP) is for a 3 year period and is being executed in 4 phases.

The first phase is the preparation of a document which will serve as a guideline for all the pre-schools to be run by AFSP. It will contain the philosophy, the vision, the curriculum and the systems.

The second phase of the agreement is the comprehensive training of teachers on the use of the document.

The third phase is the support provided by Pallavan for the setting up and smooth running and implementation of the document in the pre-schools.

The fourth phase includes ongoing teacher training and creation of teaching aids and resource books.


To create learners who will be independent, think creatively, genuinely care for their environment and for the people around them. They will learn to appreciate and practice the country's ancient wisdom and culture and be adaptable to deal effectively with the modern world through joyful learning activities.