Bal Nautanki

As the name suggests Pallavan Bal Nautanki is a dance drama for the children in the age group 3-8 years.

Street plays for adults deal with a social theme. The Pallavan educators decided to start street plays which deal with issues which are relevant to the pre-school age group. Bal Nautanki is performed by the trained and experienced Pallavan educators. The educators are the story writers, lyricists, actors and interactors!

Our first Nautanki dealt with one of the biggest problems that we face - 'Healthy eating'. It was a mix of nursery rhymes and catchy contemporary tunes. At the end of the show the children skipped out singing the theme song, 'kayenge healthy food toh fit ho jayenge hum'.

Our next Nautanki was a request from Pathways - Baliawas, who wanted us to send the message about 'safety' in every way, at home and on the street, from crackers and fire and strangers. The children had fun with the 'Mintoo' - the protagonist.

We have already performed in Ridge Valley, Pathways, Shiv Nadar and Vasant Valley School and have had a very positive response from the children and the educators of the schools.

We are now ready to perform for you. You can give us your needs and we will tailor make it for you.

The performances last for 30-35 minutes.

For more information contact: Sumati Sharma at 9811488832