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Pallavan Primary Years Program is one which aims to create an environment where children are able to discover the genius within themselves. Our ECE Programme builds on our existing philosophy, where we encourage the holistic development of children so that they are able to actualise their innate potential.

Our Teacher's ECE Skills Development Programme will empower anyone interested in early childhood education - from brand-new teachers to experienced teachers looking for a refresher course to aspiring school principals or individuals interested in starting a pre-school - to actualise their own potential so they are best equipped to deal with the unique needs of young children, ages 2 to 6.

Early learning leads to later learning and early success breeds later success. Our ECE SDProgramme recognises and indeed celebrates this time in every child's life through a curriculum that ranges from music and art appreciation to child psychology and cognitive development so that our graduates are able to provide a strong foundation during those crucial years in a child's life. However, the training does not shy away from dealing with the very 'nuts and bolts' that go into designing an effective early childhood programme, with modules in communication, first aid, nutrition, setting up a pre-school facility, besides the core modules of educational psychology, philosophy, instructional pedagogy child development etc.

The program seamlessly integrates theoretical learning with practical hands-on experience on a daily basis. Indeed, our Educator Trainees will have an opportunity to apply their learning to the classroom on a regular basis. Trainees will engage in a number of exciting 'meta-projects' out side of their regular class assignments that would be the culmination of all that they have learnt throughout the programme. They will attend musical performances, art exhibitions, film screenings and theatre workshops. The intention is that over the course of 6 months, each graduate of our program is not only a better teacher, but a better friend, family member and citizen.

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